1.What is the warranty period?

Porta Wash comes with a one-year warranty, covering non-manufacturing damages. If repairs are needed, we provide support.

Porta Wash is made from durable, scratch-resistant materials and features the latest turbine technology. Its lifespan primarily depends on usage frequency and maintenance, allowing for several years of continuous use.

Our turbine interface is equipped with a waterproof bag to ensure it remains dry when not connected to the circuit. Please make sure to place the interface inside the waterproof bag to avoid contact with water.

Porta Wash is suitable for all types of clothing, whether they require hand washing or are machine washable. From summer garments to socks, underwear, and more, it can handle them all.

Porta Wash has a generous capacity, capable of holding two days’ worth of summer clothing, multiple pairs of socks, and daily underwear. It’s a must-have for travel, offering convenience while ensuring your privacy and health.

The wash cycle time depends on the quantity of clothing and the selected washing mode. The specific time varies based on the number of garments and the mode chosen. You can refer to the product documentation for more detailed wash cycle time information.



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