🚩Unify Dual Sources: Effortlessly merge two sources, while controlling both with a single keyboard and mouse – no toggling required!

🚩Elevate Comfort: Enjoy an integrated ergonomic stand for a lightweight, portable solution that enhances well-being.

🚩Smart KVM Option: Master multiple devices through a single, expansive 16:18 screen with our optional intelligent KVM feature.

🤩Experience ultimate efficiency with our innovative Vmonitor – one screen, double productivity. With a unique 16:18 aspect ratio, it effortlessly combines the power of two 16:9 monitors, maximizing your workspace and enhancing your reading and multitasking capabilities. Upgrade your productivity today!

🔓Unlock unparalleled benefits across meetings, coding, and editing tasks with our cutting-edge 16:18 aspect ratio. Seamlessly switch between your workflow needs, experiencing enhanced clarity and versatility. From immersive meetings to streamlined code and pixel-perfect editing, this aspect ratio optimizes your experience, boosting efficiency and creativity to new heights.

💺The Vmonitor comes equipped with an ergo stand that has numerous advantages for users, including improved comfort, health, and productivity. The stand is designed to offer adjustable and customizable positioning options for the monitor, enabling users to create a more comfortable and efficient workstation setup.

🧘By using a well-adjusted Vmonitor with its ergo stand, users can achieve better ergonomic posture, which can help to reduce the risk of health conditions such as neck pain, back pain, and eye strain. By maintaining proper alignment, potential health issues associated with poor ergonomics can be mitigated.

💼Furthermore, the Vmonitor is lightweight and portable, and does not require any extra installation or attachment of a stand. This allows users to work or play comfortably anywhere and anytime.

🌟 Elevate Your Control: Introducing the Essential Smart KVM! Redefine the way you manage dual sources – toggle-free! Seamlessly operate two devices using a single keyboard and mouse, no buttons, no hassle.

🚀 Effortless Operation: With Smart KVM, smoothly transition between sources by merely moving your mouse. Say goodbye to buttons and drivers – it’s like commanding a single device!

🔒 Simplified Mastery: No toggling, no software installations! Unleash the power of Smart KVM and take command of two devices effortlessly. Your control, your way.

🔄Versatile Viewing: Elevate your user experience with a portable monitor featuring 360° rotation. Unleash your perfect view with Vmonitor’s 360° rotation, tailoring angles for ultimate clarity and sharpness. Your display, your way.

🙂Optimized Comfort: Enjoy ergonomic comfort like never before. Effortlessly adjust the display angle to your liking, reducing neck strain and ensuring a comfortable viewing position whether you’re working, gaming, or watching.

👁‍🗨Sharper Perspectives: Immerse yourself in crystal-clear visuals. With the ability to fine-tune your display angle, you’ll unlock sharper images and improved readability, enhancing your overall visual experience on the go.

✨Elegantly crafted with precision CNC machining, our portable monitor boasts a sleek full-body design. Experience uncompromising protection and durability for foldable two stunning screens within a robust and resilient casing.

🔛Amplify connectivity with dual HDMI and USB-C ports – enjoy full-featured versatility for dual screens, your way. Plus, a bonus PD port offers convenient mobile device reverse charging.

🎖️Step into the future with our optional smart KVM featuring dual USB-A ports – perfect for wireless keyboard and mouse connectivity. Effortlessly control two devices, free from the tangle of wires.

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